Rule 1: LEAGUE FIXTURES These should not be altered. Matches should not be postponed unless it is absolutely the last resort. The team being asked for a postponement has the right to refuse re-arrangement if it is not suitable for them and if 48 hours’ notice has not been given, claim a walkover. ​

Rule 2:- Cancellations Teams not giving at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation of a match may be fined £10 by the Organisers with that money being donated to a nominated charity. ​

Rule 3: - Starting Times The starting time for all matches should be between 20:30 and 20:45 on a Monday evening, with 20:45 being the latest agreeable starting time, unless team members have been delayed and this has been flagged to the opposing team. Should a team wish to start prior the mandatory 20:45 time slot the following process should be followed:-

  • 1. Email or call opposing Team captain within 24 hours of the start of the match.

  • 2. Request an earlier starting time (earliest being 20:30).

  • 3. Opposing team captain to respond latest by midday on Monday of match, please make every effort to respond, if no response is received match should commence at 20:45.

  • 4. Match commences at agreed time There is one caveat to the above where two teams are playing at home (as at the Swan Hotel), under no circumstances should one match start before another unless both have agreed to start early. ​

Rule 4:- Attendance Should a team fail to attend 3 (three) consecutive matches HOME AND AWAY they will be withdrawn from the league. ​

Rule 5:- Home team Responsibilities IT IS THE RESPONSIBILTY OF THE HOME TEAM TO ENSURE: a) that they have or the venue has the sealed set of questions available for the match, b) that the sealed envelope is unopened, c) that the sealed questions pack is the right one for the match, d) that the sealed question pack is available to be opened by the designated questionmaster Any infringements of the above will result in the home team forfeiting the match. However team captains should note that if a match were actually played it would be considered as having been acceptable to both teams to commence and the result will be valid. The Organisers recommend that both team captains sign and retain their score-sheet if both have agreed to play. This applies to both cup and league matches. ​

Rule 6:- Cup Matches All cup matches must be played on the dates fixed by the league without exception, failure to do so will result in a walkover against the offending team(s) ​

Rule 7:- One Team per Season Team members are not allowed to change and compete for other teams during the season once you have played a game for one team in the season you are affiliated to that team for the rest of the season. ​

Rule 8:- Questionmaster The Quizmaster can be anyone nominated by the home team. The Quiz League retains the right to appoint a Quizmaster for any match they so desire, without reason or notice. Each team is responsible for keeping scores, the questionmaster will be time keeper in the event of there being nobody else available. ​

Rule 9:- Number of Players Each team shall consist of four players, one being the team captain who will be the spokesperson during team rounds. Teams can play matches with a team of 3 or also 2 in the unlikely event of this happening ​

Rule 10:- Teams less than 4 A team with two or three people will not be penalised on the individual rounds. If a team is competing with either 3 or 2 players then they may nominate which categories they would like to attempt to answer and the remaining unchosen categories will be unused questions and should not be passed across to the opposing team for a bonus. Similarly if a question is answered incorrectly by a team of 4 and the opposing team has not nominated this subject, this question must not be passed across for a bonus ​

Rule 11: Start of the match The two team captains must be present when the sealed envelope containing the questions is opened. Each match shall start with the toss of a coin. The team captain winning the toss may elect to be team A or B, after the completion of round 5 the teams must change over. ​

Rule 12:- Substitutes Up to 3 (three) substitutes may be used by any one team after the half way stage in a match.(After Round 5) – the Questionmaster cannot be a substitute ​

Rule 13:- Quiz Format Each match shall consist of 10 competitive rounds and a reserve questions. Apart from the Plate Final competition which may take a different format for the final depending on the number of teams. ​

Rule 14:- Scoring In most sets of questions, rounds 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 7, 9 and 10 will consist of team questions. A correct answer given by a team or individual shall score 2 points. If a question is answered incorrectly it must be passed to the opposing team who will score 1 bonus point for a correct answer. ​

Rule 15:- Spokesperson There must be a nominated spokesperson in each team, normally the team captain, to answer all team questions. The first answer given by the spokesperson on team questions, will be the only answer accepted. ​

Rule 16:- Timings Each team member or team is allowed 30 Seconds in which to answer a question. In the case of a bonus being given, a further 15 Seconds will be given. Once a question has been passed across to the opposing team only 15 seconds should be given. ​

Rule 17:- Order of Questions Questions must be asked in the order in which they appear on the question sheet - i.e. Team 'A'question 1, Team 'B' question 2 and so on. ​

Rule 18. Individual Questions Individual questions must be asked alternately - i.e. 'A' team member number 1 will answer his / her question, then 'B' team member number 1 will answer his / her question. THERE MUST BE NO CONFERRING BY EITHER TEAM ON INDIVIDUAL QUESTIONS, unless a "TEAM PASS" is in play. (See below) ​

Rule 19:- Team Pass An individual will have the opportunity to “Team pass” his/her question. This gives the team a chance to confer and submit and answer through the individual. This must be done within the normal time structure for all questions (ie 40 seconds). The scoring for a “Team Pass” question will be 1 point. The scoring for a correct individual question will be 2 points (Ie no team conferring). Should an individual question or “Team Pass” question be answered incorrectly the question should be passed across to the opposing team individual for a 1 point bonus. A Joker question will still be worth 4 points, a “Team Pass” Joker and a "passed across" joker will be worth 2 points. ​

Rule 20:-Joker Questions Jokers may be played only where teams have prior knowledge of the subjects offered in the next round.Teams should decide beforehand which of their players will play the joker on one of the questions in each individual round. They must inform the Quizmaster before the round commences of the question on which they intend to play their joker. A correct answer to a joker question will score 4 points. If the joker question is incorrectly answered the question will be passed to the opposing team member who chose the same category for a possible 2 bonus points.

Rule 21:- Disputes Reserve questions are provided to be used in the event that a question is disputed ​

Rule 22:- Question validity If the validity of the question is disputed in the quiz or the audience shout out the answer, a team may request that the Quizmaster uses the following procedure, which must be carried out before the next question is asked. Consult both team captains and agree to one of the following courses of action: a) Allow the answer already given. b) Refuse to accept the answer. c) Declare the question null and void and substitute a reserve question. If no agreement can be reached the Quizmaster will decide on which of the above courses of action to follow. His / her decision will be final and binding. Under no circumstances will a question or answer be reviewed at a later stage.

Rule 23:- Missing Questions Should any of the match questions in rounds 1 to 10 be missing, the reserve questions must be used as substitutions to complete the match. ​

Rule 24. Settlement of Queries The Quizmaster must settle all queries on the night. It is strongly advised that each team captain is in possession of a set of rules at every match. ​

Rule 25: - Quizmaster All teams must abide by the rules and the decision of the Quizmaster shall be final. ​

Rule 26:- League Scoring system The league scoring system will be 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and no points for losing. ​

Rule 27:- Walkovers Walkovers are calculated on the average on the last 3 league matches. If 3 matches have not yet been played, then the average of the subsequent 3 matches will be used. ​

Rule 28. Level League Points In the event of a draw on league points at the end of the season the team with the highest total question points will determine the winner. If teams finished the season with the same question points then results between the teams will be taken into consideration. If this is also the same then a playoff match will be held

Rule 29: Cup Match outcome is a draw In the event of a cup match finishing in a draw. The first action is to count back bonus’ scored by each team and the team with the highest number of bonus’ is declared the winner. Should the bonus scores be level then the reserve questions should be played alternatively (Not pick a number) and the team with highest score declared the winner. Failing this a coin will be tossed to determine the winner. ​

Rule 30:- Communication of outcome. It is the responsibility of the winning team captain, landlord or club secretary to notify the league of the result of the match no later than midnight on the match night by text to 07976 381679 or email . In the event of a draw it is the home team captain's responsibility to notify the league of the match scores. All results to be received by 12 Noon Tuesday at the latest.